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BEFORE YOU GROUT THE STONE, AN APPROPRIATE IMPREGNATOR MUST BE USED. This allows you to have the best possible construction site protection. Application of an impregnator does not change the natural appearance of the stone. Instead, it acts as a sealant resisting grout dye absorption which eases the removal of excess grout residue and protects against stains.


Liquid poultice can be used to clean the surface. Generally poultice is available in markets and hardware stores and is safe for almost all natural stone floors. You can make use of a floor machine, a brush and a wet vacuum to clean up the floor. If the area that you have to clean is very small, you can achieve your purpose with a hand brush, otherwise you need an automatic scrubber for larger areas. If you find that your floor gets exposed to oils and greases, you need additional protection. You will find a chemical generally termed as “Pre Treat” that is applied to the surface after grout removal. The use of this added protection before using impregnator makes the porous surface of the limestone much more resistant to staining materials, especially oils.


Limestone Maintenance Disclaimer

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