Lava Love

Lava Love Travertine 8”x16” Brushed and Chiseled Edge Tile on Tub Surround and Shower Walls(LAVA8x16BRCH)

Faberge Marble  4”x4” Polished Tile*** on sides of tub (cut from FABE16x16POMBVL)

Lava Love Travertine 3”x8” Brushed and Chiseled Edge Tile around Shower Door (cut from LAVA8x16BRCH)

Lava Love Travertine 2”x2” Tumbled Mosaic on Shower Ceiling and Floor (LAVA2x2TMBL)

Lava Love Travertine ¾”x12” Pencil Honed and Lava Love Travertine 2”x4” (3D) Wavy Brick Pattern Mosaic  on the design element ¾ of the way up the shower wall (LAVA3/4x12PEN & LAVA2x4(3D)WAVY)

Please note: Products marked with a triple asterisk (***) are considered Special Order Items. These items require a two week lead time for fabrication.